Lighting / Airside

Signalling and lighting

ALPHA-AIRPORT offers the supply of Signalling and lighting equipment for our platform:

  • Signalling panels: tube or LED, ALPHA-AIRPORT offers its obligation and indication panel systems, powered by a current loop or a stand-alone version powered by solar generators.

  • Runway protection lights: Our WIG-WAG systems, installed at breakpoints, are available in halogen or LED versions.

  • Flash lights (RTILS, SFLS): Our flash light systems are available in LED or discharge lamp versions, for the identification of runway thresholds or the installation of a tracing ball system installed on the approach ramp.

  • Windsocks: providing visual direction and wind speed indication, our LED windsocks are available in different versions:

    • In ICAO/STNA version: height 7.4m tilting, with vane diameter 50, 60, 90 or 100 cm, with internal handle lighting and obstacle light;

    • In FAA version: height of 3 or 6m tilting, with vane diameter 30, 45, 60, 90 or 100cm, with external handle lighting and obstacle light;

    • Frangible at all heights or frangible at the foot of the mast.

  • In addition, different types of power supplies are available:

    • Regulated current supply (version 6.6A);

    • Powered by 110V-240V;

    • In autonomous version solar power supply.

  • Signal guns: available in LED or halogen versions for tower installation.

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