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Control towers

Tour de contrôle mobile

ALPHA-AIRPORT offers mobile control towers, complying with international standards, to meet your military and civil air traffic control requirements.

Our mobile control towers are ideal for military or semi-temporary civilian applications.

ALPHA-AIRPORT offers everything necessary to recreate a functional and efficient control tower: control tower furniture, control command system, control plates.

ALPHA-AIRPORT produces technical desks dedicated to air traffic controllers, which are specially studied according to the configuration of each site, the number of operator stations and the integration of the various technical equipment required(Weather equipment, VHF, interfaces, VCCS, telephony, peripherals, etc...).ALPHA-AIRPORT also ensures integration, installation and commissioning on site

Equipped with weather instruments, VHS and command controls, our mobile control towers are robust and rapidly deployed for rapid commissioning.

Tour de contrôle mobile semi-provisoire