Lighting / Airside

Heliport solutions

The competence of the company ALPHA-AIRPORT guarantees you to continue the operation of your helisurfaces or helistations in accordance with the requirements of the DGAC regarding the safety characteristics applicable to the design, the development and maintenance of aeronautical infrastructure.

ALPHA-AIRPORT's know-how allows to diagnose but also to intervene on all possible non-conformities of your helistation or helipad:

  • Assistance in updating the prefectural commissioning order (renewable every 2 years after a probationary year);

  • Protection of trajectories against obstacles;

  • Fire Fighting:

    • Properly sized and equipped with fire-resistant gravel filters;

    • Decanter-separator for the evacuation of hydrocarbons;

  • Removal of obstacles in the safety area;

  • Resumption of daytime marking (including marking of maximum permissible mass);

  • Definition of clearance surfaces and consideration of obstacles:

    • Operational studies in accordance with OPS3 requirements;

  • Update the VAC card;

  • Drafting of emergency response instructions in the event of an accident or fire on the platform (emergency plan);

  • Drafting a direction for the operational inspection of the movement area;

    • Annual adjustment;

    • Annual preventive maintenance (cleaning, tests on cables and power supply, photometric measurements);

  • Compulsory and complementary visual aids:

    • Color of lights;

    • Installation of fires;

    • Type of markup;

    • Power supply;

  • Assistance in the preparation of the user's guide for the platform;

  • Safety equipment:

    • Safety ramp;

    • Autonomous security block;

    • Fire extinguisher 50Kg of powder;

    • Extinguisher 5 L level B emulsifier;

    • Anchor point;

If you are not in the case of an obligation to bring your platform into conformity, ALPHA-AIRPORT is competent to offer you:

  • Annual maintenance of your helistation (recommended by DGAC):

    • Marking system (cleaning, preventive maintenance, photometric measurement);

    • Check primary and emergency power supply;

    • Diagnosis on the aging of cables;

    • Verification of existing procedures;

    • Training of your technical team to ensure the necessary corrective maintenance;

    • Verification of the functioning of the infrastructure and security equipment;

  • Supply of spare parts all brands;

  • Installation of a new day marking system or lighting system;

  • Conducting feasibility studies, creation and commissioning for the creation of a new platform.