Lighting / Airside

Equipements d'approche

Our approach equipment products can be used for Category I, II or III platforms as well as simplified approaches.


  • Approach lights: High or recessed, our solutions cover all the functions needed to set up low or high-intensity approach systems (visual approach, precision approach, simplified approach).

  • Approach masts: Depending on the terrain profile, ALPHA-AIRPORT offers different types of frangible supports for approach lights: single frangible masts at the foot of masts, frangible masts at all heights and folding masts. Our range of approach equipment products can be used for all types of platforms (visual approach, precision approach).ALPHA-AIRPORT also conducts site studies to determine the approach profiles and the necessary media to implement.

  • PAPI approach slope indicator: halogen or LED, powered by current loop or voltage, our solutions cover all your needs. Solutions for autonomous solar power are also offered.

Photo mât frangible haut