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Cables, connectors and Transformers

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Regardless of the size of your platform, the cable used is of great importance in the proper supply of the lighting lights connecting the regulators to the isolation transformers. That is why ALPHA-AIRPORT offers:

  • Primary and secondary cables: used for the supply of primary marking circuits, the proposed cables meet the French and international standards in force: STNA C33-212 and C33-225, FAA with or without a screen, HO7RNF 2x2,5mm² or 2x4mm². Some cable versions are available from stock.

  • Connectors: intended for connection of primary and secondary lighting circuits,ALPHA-AIRPORT offers all the necessary connections for the realization of your circuits.

    The primary connectors are available in three versions:

    • Connectors Kits type Dry: our connectors are available for all types of primary cables;

    • Connectors Resin Type Kits: our connectors are available for all types of primary cables;

    • Overmolded type connectors: The connectors are delivered overmolded on the primary markup cable to the exact length desired.

    Secondary connectors are available in two versions:

    • Connectors Kit: available in bipolar or tripolar versions;

    • Overmolded connectors: Available in bipolar or tripolar versions, supplied with the exact cable length you desire.

  • Isolation Transformers: Our transformers are available in all power ranges (15W to 500W), in 6.6A or 20A versions. They are as well available in saturated versions.