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ALPHA-AIRPORT has developed an innovative concept for the design of prefabricated passenger terminals, sized according to customer requirements, and capable of being implemented in a very short time as part of a fully functional and equipped turnkey solution.

These buildings with a fully equipped metal structure, isolated and equipped with the latest equipment, are particularly suitable for airports with up to 3 million passengers per year.

Based on our experience in airport systems and aware of the high economic stakes of passenger terminals, our prefabricated terminal concept is a great tool to meet various constraints:

  • Establish a state-of-the-art infrastructure, sized according to current standards, requirements and recommendations (IATA, ICAO, Civil Aviation);

  • To have a tool that perfectly corresponds to the desired size and to the evolution of passenger traffic in the short and medium-term, to control the investment made and make this tool profitable;

  • To enable the terminal to be easily strengthened by the implementation of extensions that are easily achievable due to the modular design of the building and its prior study incorporating already these capacity enhancements;

  • To maximize the sources of aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenue by optimizing and exploiting commercial areas and collecting certain additional charges;

  • Set up this type of infrastructure in a very short time due to the factory prefabrication of the majority of these components and the relatively short time for assembly at the final site;

  • Have a level of comfort, quality of service and finish identical to a conventional building to offer passengers and operators optimal conditions.

Exemple de flux

Conception phase

Our design office and architects carry out an analysis with the services of the airport concerned, in order to collect the traffic elements, collect the manager's expectations, take into account all the specificities, and thus determine the precise terms of reference of the project.

Functional schemes are then drawn up to ensure that the project complies with expectations (space size, capacity, circulation, flow, etc.)

Once the functional drawings have been validated, the architectural sketches are then produced for validation, then the detailed design of the structure, both for the building aspects and for the technical systems and equipment to be implemented, is then carried out.

  • Exemple phase de conception

Design phase

Our teams ensure production, coordinate logistical aspects and organize on-site operations assembly and installation of the building.

The technical systems are then deployed and put into service, and training for operators and maintenance teams is provided.

Our services usually include a technical support phase in the first few months of operation to ensure an efficient transfer of skills and to accompany the manager in taking charge of his new tool.

  • Exemple phase de réalisation
  • Exemple phase de réalisation

Interior layout

All the components of the terminal are taken into account in the framework of these « design realization » projects.

In addition, ALPHA-AIRPORT is able to create the layout of the various commercial spaces, cafeteria, restaurant, lounge, duty-free spaces, to guarantee homogeneity of the building and offers a perfectly operational tool for operations.

  • Exemple d'aménagement cafétéria
  • Exemple d'aménagement restaurant
  • Exemple d'aménagement magasin