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The maintenance in operational conditions of the technical facilities of an airport terminal is a critical aspect of the continuity of service of air operations. Some systems, obsolete or not, require technical monitoring to ensure their proper operationand anticipate any breakdowns that would significantly impact the operation of the terminal.

With a multidisciplinary knowledge of the various airport equipment and systems, ALPHA-AIRPORT is able to support operators in the technical monitoring of their installations by carrying out technical audits on installed systems, providing the assessment manager with a precise assessment of the investments to be made and the actions to be taken in terms of maintenance.

These audits, carried out by our technicians and engineers, also provide technical recommendations for maintenance as well as possible improvement plans such as:

  • capacity building for handling baggage

  • setting up system redundancy

  • system upgrade

  • redevelopment of space for optimization of flows

These audits give rise to the submission of technical proposals, budget estimates or commercial proposals for the completion of any necessary work.