Lighting / Airside

Technical assistance

ALPHA-AIRPORT offers technical services for maintenance or technical assistance on different types of systems in order to support managers in the monitoring of their installations:

  • Marking system (cleaning, preventive maintenance, photometric measurement);

  • Check primary and emergency power supply;

  • Diagnosis on the aging of cables;

  • Verification of existing procedures;

  • Training your technical team to ensure the first curative maintenance;

  • Verification of the operation of security infrastructure and equipment.

These maintenance or technical assistance services also provide the opportunity to provide technical teams in charge of daily maintenance with additional training to maintain the skill levels of staff.

In order to minimize costs particularly on remote sites, ALPHA-AIRPORT provides technical assistance services consisting of the deployment of one or more technicians or engineers who will be accompanied by the technical staff provided by the airport and who assist our teams in carrying out maintenance operations.