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Our teams

ALPHA-AIRPORT activities are organized around 2 departments:

  • « Air Side » or « Runway Side » which includes lighting, power plant and distribution, control tower, airport weather equipment;

  • « Land Side » or « Town Side » which hosts the master planning activities, the design of passenger and freight terminals, the realization of modular prefabricated terminals, and more generally the studies, the supply and installation of terminal-specific equipment systems.

Each department has dedicated technical teams specializing in its areas of expertise, constantly trained in the evolution of standards and new technologies.

All project managers and heads of affairs have an overall view of airport problems and are practitioners of major international projects.

Thanks to its strong international corporate culture and wide openness to the world, ALPHA-AIRPORTassures you that the solutions and systems offered to comply with the rules of the art and take into account the industry best practices.

The expertise of its engineers and architects allows them to design innovative solutions that best respond to the development challenges of its customers' platforms.